Popular Tour Ideas When Visiting The Grand Cayman

With the abundance of outstanding Grand Cayman tourist attractions, it could take you a few years of sightseeing in the Cayman to take in all these attractions. You can save on important vacation time when you plan ahead and choose your favorite Grand Cayman attractions and tours. Below are three ideas to consider.

Submarine Expedition

Come experience the real thrills and excitement with a journey under the sea inside a submarine. The Atlantis XI Submarine is a true technological marvel and was designed specifically for these underwater sightseeing expeditions. The cabin is spacious air-conditioned and to ensure you are comfortable, the sub is kept at sea-level pressure. The clear water and smooth ride will really amaze you while exploring at depths of around 100 feet in the Grand Cayman’s Underwater Marine Park.

Beach Horseback Ride And Swim

Come and view the natural and pure beauty that the Grand Cayman holds from horseback. You can decide to trot or walk along the stunning white sands along the West Bay while allowing the crystal blue waters to lap at your feet. You can end off this amazing tour by enjoying a refreshing swim in the Caribbean Sea. The ride offers a bonus of getting to swim with your horse. These tours are extremely popular which means you need to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Dolphin Lover’s Swim

This popular tourist attraction allows you the opportunity to swim with the sweethearts of the ocean. The local dolphins will invite you with a warm-hearted welcome. This particular program is extremely dynamic and is inclusive of specialized educational time that is dedicated to the life of the dolphins, interesting facts, secrets and their anatomy. This tour offers a harmonious experience with nature, the dolphins, the trainer and you.